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Today ThuThuatPhanMem would like to send to children as well as parents the best quizzes for primary school students including folk riddles and trick quizzes. These puzzles will help children practice their observation and logical thinking ability to find the correct solution. Here are the best quizzes for elementary school students.

Fun folk riddles for elementary school students

Quiz about school supplies

1. I’m round and pointed, Not a cow, a buffalo, Drinking water from a deep pond, Plowing a shallow field (What is it? – An ink pen)

2. My shirt has all colors. My body is white and the same line. Thin and thick is in the number of pages. Teacher’s words, golden knowledge in me. (What is it? – Book)

3. The body is connected to the two legs. When the foot rests, the new leg rotates. (What is it? – The compass)

4. The head and tail are equally square. The body is divided into many segments very quickly and evenly. Lovely honest personality Wants to know long and short, everything has you. (What is it? – Ruler)

The ends and tails are equally square

5. White skin Pure white intestines Friends with students Likes to rub their heads against the board (What is it? – Chalk)

6. Body is long and intestines are straight. When the meat is cut off from the legs, the intestines are still sticking out like a snake? (What is it? – The pencil)

7. I look forward to the red color of my homeland. Every day I follow you to school to sing. You are a tree, I am a flower. Blooming on your shoulders, reminding us to study. (What is it? – Red Riding Hood)

8. Like a little candy Broken letters are erased. Students today still use it (What is it? – Eraser)

Like a little candy

9. Not cows, not buffaloes Drinking water from deep ponds, plowing shallow fields. (What is it? – Fountain Pen)

10. The tree is smooth and smooth In the black intestines The children retreat and stomp their heads down? (What is it? – Pencil)

Puzzles about objects

1. A flock of white storks. Eat well, take a bath, and invite each other to lie down (What is it? – A bowl of rice)

2. A mother usually has six children. She loves her mother and her water is full. (What is it? – Teapot)

3. What is a two-wheeled vehicle? Pedal running bon bon The bell rings when the glass is standing still, it falls? (Answer – Bicycle)

4. Like a water cannon Mouth drinking river water Spraying the field White foam. (What is it? – Water pump)

5. Round mouth, white white. Serve rice, meat, vegetables every day. (What is it? – Bowl, plate)

Round mouth, pale whites

6. Knitted from bamboo slats Winter folded, summer taken out. Someday it’s very hot and sunny With me by your side, how much wind comes back (What is it? – The bamboo fan)

7. Who wants clean feet Use it until the evening But a pair What’s that? (Answer: Shoes)

8. Something small That has many teeth Help your baby diligently Spread the hair every day? (What is it? – Comb)

9. Has legs but can’t walk. Has a flat surface for the baby to sit on. (What is it? – The chair)

10. There are colors that grow far and near. There are clothes and clothes for you. (What is it? – Leaves, is, Iron)

11. It’s not a bird that can fly in the sky Carry many people Go everywhere (What is it? – Airplane)

12. Want to find south, north, east, west Looking at my face, I will know which direction right away? (What is it? – Compass)

Riddles about trees

1. Summer comes back as red as lipstick Summer goes to change the smooth green leaves How many hands spread out Like waving to welcome our friends to school? (What tree is it? – Phoenix tree)

2. Yellow wings, large stamens Turn to the sun Fragrant greasy seeds Please try to eat. (What plant is it? – Sunflower)

3. What tree has small leaves. Its beautiful fruit. Bright yellow full of fruit. Displayed on Tet holiday (What tree? – Kumquat tree)

What tree has small leaves It's beautiful

4. What tree has a tall stem Leaves like the teeth of a comb Who brings fresh water Filled with green fruit? (What tree is it? – Coconut tree)

5. Acacia tree, fruit tree is difficult to climb, fruit is difficult to eat? (What plant, what fruit? – Chili plant, chili fruit)

6. What tree is small and small Its seeds feed people Golden ripe everywhere Everyone goes to reap. (What plant is it? – Rice plant)

7. What flowers bloom in the middle of summer In the fragrant lagoon, the leaves can cover the head? (What kind of flower is it? – Lotus)

8. Burns a lot but doesn’t burn How much hair grows on green heads Together fortresses under the sky Growing up helps people for so long. (What tree is it? – Bamboo)

Burn a lot but don't burn

9. What tree has small leaves Its fruit is beautiful and bright Yellow full of branches Displayed on Tet holiday / (What tree is it? – Kumquat tree)

10. What tree is a double shirt, a single shirt. Leaves are like green sails. Flowers choose the last color of lipstick. Left, hundreds of slender fingers line up. (What tree is it? – Banana tree)

Fruit quiz

1. What small fruit is ripe and red like a flower Fresh and beautiful in the garden But bitterly tearing the tongue? (What is the fruit? – Chili)

2. What fruit has many eyes When ripe, it cracks. White flesh. Fast branching black seeds (What is a fruit? – Na-eyed fruit)

3. My name is not lacking, not too much. Nine golden delicious, very pleasing to you? (What is the fruit? – Papaya)

4. Toad skin that covers the filter Beads that cover the coal. (What fruit is it? – Longan fruit)

Toad skin covered with filter powder

5. River water does not come Sea water does not enter Floating in the sky There is water inside. (What is the fruit? – Coconut)

6. Closed and nestled Standing on the edge of the ditch Left full of the chamber Folded into two turns. (What fruit is it? – Banana)

7. Feet do not come to earth, kidney does not come to heaven Floating in the sky, but hanging by water. (What is the fruit? – Coconut)

8. The green skin prevents the succulent intestines in the famous Tasty But not sweet? (What fruit is it? – Lemon)

Green skin prevents interruption Succulent intestines in

9. Obviously five-pointed That’s not a star Live above Die in a pot of fish soup. (What fruit is it? – Starfruit)

10. What old fruit fell by her grandmother Appeared to Mrs. Tam sweeping the house to blow rice. (What fruit is it? – Fruit market)

Animal quiz

1. What bird is flying like a shuttle to bring the beautiful spring leopard drunk in the middle of the sky. (Answer: Bird Swallow)

2. What is a very gentle animal that was coaxed by Ms. Tam to raise rice? (Answer – Goby fish)

3. Not a weaver No spinning reel Never learned Distributing silk (What? – Spider)

4. From afar, I thought it was a cat. Up close, it turned out to be a bird. During the day, it was dormant. At night, I hunted for mice (What? Owl)

5. What is the most beautiful bird? The tail is as brilliant as a thousand petals. (What is it? – Peacock)

6. Just the size of a pea, eat the anniversary of the whole village. (What is it? – The fly)

Just the size of a pea, eat the whole village's anniversary

7. Having wings but not flying far Laying eggs clumps and lumps we used to incubate, when the eggs hatched All day long the lumps hunted for food? (What is it? – The hen)

8. What animals like flowers Where flowers bloom, even if they are far away, they work together day and night To make sweet honey silently for people? (What is it? – Bee)

9. What grass eaters Head with two horns Noses tied with ropes Very good at plow? (What is it? – Buffalo)

10. Usually lies in the early summer Keeping the house for the owner Strangers it barks People who know it are happy. (What is it? – Dog)

11. What two eyes are clear. Like to lie in the sun Like to climb areca trees? (What is it? – Cat)

What animal has clear eyes

12. What child is small But knows how to take care of it. Take food home in case it rains or storms. (What is it? – Ants)

More fun quizzes

1. Don’t paint, but red. Don’t knock, but scream. Don’t poke and fall (What is it? – Sun, thunder, rain)

2. Sleep together, wake up together Two pretty friends See everything clearly But can’t see me? (What is it? – Eyes)

3. Three years old did not speak, did not smile. Just lay quietly listening to the mother’s lullaby. Suddenly heard that there was an enemy in the country. Vot was ten feet high, and the enemy broke his bones. (Who is it? – Saint Giong)

4. Guess who on Bach Dang Giang Makes the spikes vertical and horizontal Shine through the Southern Han army by the Sword of Independence in the sky resounding? (Who is it? – Ngo Quyen)

5. The king who came down to the mat left the capital. Returning to Thang Long to firmly hold the position of the South country. (Who is it? – Ly Thai To)

Fun quizzes, trivia for elementary students

Some fun quizzes for elementary students

1. There is a bridge with a tonnage of 10 tons, which means that if it exceeds the tonnage of more than 10 tons, the bridge will collapse. There is a cargo truck, the total tonnage of the truck is 8 tons + 4 tons = 12 tons. So, how can the driver cross this bridge (Do not remove the goods from the car)?

Answer: The driver just crosses the bridge, the car leaves

2. The blue ghost beats 1 time to death, the red ghost beats 2 times to die. How can I kill both with just 2 hits?

Answer: Smash the green ghost once, the red ghost is so scared, the pale face turns green. Smash this new green ghost 1 more time is enough 2

3. 2 ducks go ahead of 2 ducks. 2 ducks follow 2 ducks. 2 ducks walk between 2 ducks. How many ducks are there?

Answer: 4 ducks

4. There was a woman who couldn’t swim, she died in the water. One day she was on a train, suddenly the ship sank, but she did not die. Why? (No one saves)

Answer: She rides the submarine

5. What’s black when you buy it, red when you use it, and gray when you throw it away?

Answer: Than

6. Which calendar is the longest?

Answer: History

7. What is the longest road?

Answer: The way of life

8. Can you name three consecutive days without the names Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday?

Answer: Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Name three consecutive days without the name Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

9. What kind of goat has a snail’s head?

Answer: The slope

10. What slams live, if you don’t beat, you die?

Answer: Heart

11. There was a herd of deaf rats passing by. How many were there?

Answer: Deaf is ear damage, ear damage is twenty-four.

12. In a running competition, if you pass the 2nd person, what place will you be?

Answer: Monday

13. What animal does not crow ooh that people still call chicken?

Answer: Chicks and hens

14. When Beckham takes the penalty kick, where will he hit?

Answer: Ball

15. What can the left hand hold but the right hand cannot?

Answer: Right hand

16. What word do 100% of Vietnamese people pronounce incorrectly?

Answer: The word “wrong”

17. Three years of sunshine, we have never left you. Rain one day you left me. What?

Answer: The shadow

18. On the left side of the road there is a green house, on the right side of the road there is a red house. Where is the white house?

Answer: In the US

On the left side of the road there is a green house, on the right side of the road there is a red house

19. In Vietnam, where do dragons fly and land?

Answer: Dragon flies in Thang Long and lands in Ha Long

20. What does the king call the queen?

Answer: Orally

21. What diseases do doctors give up?

Answer: Broken arm

22. What always goes to but never arrives?

Answer: Tomorrow

23. What is the best time to eat lunch?

Answer: After breakfast

24. What is bigger and smaller?

Answer: Crab.

25. I travel the world and I stay in the same place, who am I?

Answer: Postage stamps

26. 1 kg of cotton and 1 kg of iron which is heavier?

Answer: Equal

27. Why do some people take taxis that they don’t pay for?

Answer: They are the driver

28. What does the panda wish it could never get?

Answer: Color photography. Because pandas only have 2 colors black and white.

29. Guess what I use, I throw it away, if I don’t use it, I get it back.

Answer: Anchor

30. What holds the most water without getting wet?

Answer: Map/Globe

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