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Love language is not only sweet and happy love stories with happy endings, but also painful, regretful loves, hates, and hatreds. With this type of story is often called reverse love. If you are wondering between hundreds of thousands of romance novels but have not found yourself a good work, worthy of your time to read, let’s explore with ThuThuatPhanMem through the Top 15 best reverse love stories below. This.

1. Lost death without rain – Lau Vu Tinh

Lost death without rain – Lau Vu Tinh

From childhood until adulthood, Thien Tinh has always lived in the embrace of Han Vu – a talented and pompous brother. For Han Vu, she is the treasure of his life, he does not allow anyone to hurt her. Not long after, the two discovered that the two were not biological brothers, their feelings were therefore deeper, and another kind of affection also began to rekindle. When that love was just budding, he knew another part of that secret. On the day of her 15th birthday, he decided to leave without saying goodbye, causing her pain. She didn’t accept such brotherly affection, but the truth was still the truth. When she was 23 years old, she also knew why he left that year, why he did not return her feelings.

2. Dream-like appointment – ​​Phi Nga Tu Ton

A beautiful date like a dream – Phi Nga Tu Ton

Before meeting Chinh Dong, Giai Ky had a beautiful love affair with Manh Hoa Binh. He is the first love, the irrefutable nostalgia, the representative of the once intense and painful love of Giai Ky. That love ended, but Giai Ky still couldn’t stop being immersed in the past, at the same time Chinh Dong stepped in, shielding her life from the rain and wind. Then until he died, his wish was to ask her not to love him. He once said, he didn’t need her to be brave, he just needed her to be happy, but he didn’t know that her heart had already been given to him. He left her and left, so can that happiness still exist?

3. Bus station – Thuong Thai Vi

Bus station – Thuong Thai Vi

Bus station, the work makes readers feel unfair, infinitely cruel, the pain that tears right in every word, the wounds that can’t be closed forever. The story revolves around the tormenting love of the talented blind teacher Chuong Ngoc and his student Lieu Dich. No one knows, no one knows when that feeling started, just know that the feelings of both of them have grown over the years, helping to warm the hearts of both. In order to protect the reputation of the girl he loved, he chose to sacrifice himself. Lieu Di is a lucky girl, Chuong Ngoc’s love will surely forever be imprinted in her heart, just like her promise, from now on she will live for him and fulfill unfinished dreams for him.

4. The set of sutras – Dong Hoa

The set of sutras – Dong Hoa

Truong Hieu was originally an office worker with a deep passion for the nation’s history. Because of an unexpected incident, he traveled back to the past, bringing modern knowledge back to the Kangxi period, living under the identity of Nhuo Hy. With a generous, enthusiastic personality and extensive knowledge, she quickly won the hearts of the A Ca and then accidentally got caught up in the vortex of competition for the right to win the position. The first person she fell in love with was her brother-in-law – Bat a Ca, it was his care, tenderness, and thoughtfulness that made her heart love him ever since. But with the idea of ​​monogamy, he was her brother-in-law, so she deliberately suppressed that feeling, only when he was in danger of life did he reveal it. She loved him, wanted to be with him for the rest of her life, wanted to pull him out of the quagmire of power even though it could change history, erase her whole existence from this world.

5. Torn brocade – Phi Nga Tu Ton

Torn brocade – Phi Nga Tu Ton

Brocade, a tragic story interwoven between love and hate, revolves around Pho Thanh Ham, Dich Chi Duy and Gian Tu Tuan. Thanh Ham and Tu Tuan were originally young bamboo horses, the whole youth was immersed in passionate and warm love. All that changed when Tu Tuan ruthlessly cornered Thanh Ham’s father to death while she was still wearing the ring he gave her. Broken love and a grudge to kill her father have made her strong and resilient to walk so that she can save the career that her father built. With no way back, she decided to go to Chi Duy – who was once pushed by Thanh Ham’s father into bankruptcy, his house was broken. Between love and hate, Chi Duy chose hate, he successfully set up a trap that was too perfect, forcing Thanh Ham to face it, not being allowed to run away. It was hatred that destroyed a beautiful love, destroyed the girl he loved.

6. Prosperous Hai Thuong – Phi Nga Tu Ton

Prosperous Hai Thuong – Phi Nga Tu Ton

Do Hieu To, by chance, met Thieu Chan Vinh and developed feelings, a gentle but extremely deep feeling. Both have thought about getting married, building a home together. As people who have experienced stumbles, both of them appreciate and know the happiness they both have. Right at the moment when that love received everyone’s blessings, Lei Vu Tranh – Thieu Chan Vinh’s brother and her ex-lover appeared, shattering all her hopes. She loved him, loved him madly, because of the mistake of her youth, but now she had to pay with her own happiness. Chan Vinh’s departure at a time when the old story was not clear between him and Hieu To, his words before his death that waiting for him to return made Hieu Su more painful than all.

7. There was once a person who loved me like life – Thu Nghi

There was once a person who loved me like life – Thu Nghi

Tieu Mai, a pre-university student majoring in piano in Ukraine. Accidentally met, got to know and arose with the guy Ton Gia Ngo. Sun Gia Ngo does not have a handsome image like other novels, he is just an ordinary man who loves his girl in the most special way. Although their love lasted only ten short months, but it was so deep that she could never meet someone who loved her as deeply as he did. “My little girl, I wish you a peaceful and happy life.”

8. Who can understand my heart? – Luc Xu

Who understands my heart - Luc Xu

Who understands your heart revolves around the long love story of Giang Nhan Ly – a beautiful girl, smarter than people. Unlike the girls of the same time, silently waiting for a miracle to appear, Nhan Ly chose to actively seek and embrace her happiness. The person who makes her flutter is none other than Tu Lang – who is marrying a young child with her half-sister. Fate pushes, there are times when it seems to have ended, there are times when they share the same path.

9. One night, one day, one year, a lifetime – Phu To Luc

One night, one day, one year, a lifetime – Phu To Luc

Ha Du Can, Thien Kim Dai Lady, the only daughter of the richest man in the city A. Her health is not good, often tormented by illness. During a follow-up to her father to the bidding, she met and fell in love with Cao Phi at first sight, opening a bitter predestined relationship later. She gave up her self-esteem to ask her father to let her become Cao Phi’s wife, despite his beautiful love. Her father did everything to force Cao Phi to marry Du Can, making him feel angry. I thought that after marriage, he would make him fall in love with her, but every time she was alone facing four cold walls in a luxurious house. When he was sick, time was running out, he gave her warmth. She died, he regretted, regretted, he didn’t know how big his feelings for her were, but what’s the point of being clear?

10. Who sent the letter into the cloud – Slideshow

Who sent the letter into the cloud - Slideshow

Who sent the letter into the clouds, the young love story of the school garden revolves around the unrequited, silent love from childhood to adulthood of Luc Tay Duong and Trac Uu. The two people secretly loved each other but missed each other many times, then when they came back, they were no longer there.

11. Dong Cung – Phi Nga Tu Ton

Dong Cung – Phi Nga Tu Ton

Dong Cung revolves around the heart-wrenching, tearful love story between Tieu Phong and the ambitious Crown Prince Ly Thua Ngan, eager to take full power in his hands. She was originally the nine princesses of the West Luong Kingdom, and received many graces, but for her country, she had to go to Trung Nguyen to pray for her family. He – the current crown prince, under one person, over a thousand people, because it was a political marriage, so he was forced to marry her. He has his own concubine, she has her own life. Thought you two were just two parallel lines that could never intersect. Unexpectedly, the person full of plans jumped with her into the River of Forgotten, whispering a sentence in her ear before both of them rushed down “we and she forgot”.

12. There will be an angel to love you instead – Minh Hieu Khe

There will be an angel to love you instead - Minh Hieu Khe

The content of the story revolves around the sweet but also sad love between Me Ai and Doan Duong Dieu. While Me Ai is gentle and meek, Duong Dieu is a genuine Bad boy. Few people know that after the smashing appearance, playing is a lonely heart, difficult for anyone to approach. However, Mi Ai approached Duong Dieu, fell in love with him, obeyed him, loved him with all her heart, but the real reason she wanted to be with him, wanted to take care of him was: He had the heart of a man. Once upon a time she loved – Bui Duc. Then, the upheavals happened, the secret of the replacement heart was really unexpected. Me Ai’s love is also standing in the middle of painful turns.

13. Let me look at you – Tan Di O

Let me look at you – Tan Di O

Let me look at you and tell me a sad and tormented love story that touched the hearts of a whole generation of youth. In that story, Han Thuat fell in love with Cat Nien, lovingly soft. Cat Nien fell in love with Vu Vu again, loving it to the point of pain. Cat Nien is a pitiful little girl, born in a family that respects men and despises women. Her only childhood friend is Chu Vu – a taciturn, quiet guy, the son of a murderer. Cat Nien fell in love with Chu Vu, a secret love, not that she didn’t show it, but that he didn’t realize, nor did he want to realize. Han Thuat, on the other hand, comes from a wealthy family, is well-educated, and has a more intelligent personality. He had everything he wanted but fell in love with Cat Nien.

14. Sleeping with wolves – Diep Lac Vo Tam

Sleeping with wolves – Diep Lac Vo Tam

From an early age, Thien Thien had to witness the scene where his parents and brother were murdered by Han Trac Than right in front of his eyes. When she was nine years old, she became the adopted child of Han Trac Than, raising a dream to avenge her family. With hatred and the mentality of a child, Thien Thien naively thought that he could take advantage of Trac Than’s time to take action against him. There were many times when she could do it, but how good would it be if things could be that easy. When Thien Thien was fifteen years old, his heart was completely given to him. Mixed between love and hate, Thien Thien falls into an unresolvable mess with troubles surrounding the mind and heart.

15. Discarded General – Nhat Do Quan Hoa

Discarded General – Nhat Do Quan Hoa

Ta Thuong Lang, from his childhood, was abandoned in the deep forest, grew up with wolves, in order to survive, he had to fight constantly. For her, true love has left her since that day of abandonment. Ever since she was saved by Murong Yan, she had foolishly and blindly decided to give him strength, wisdom, body, love, and soul. As for Murong Yan, he has everything that a king should have, from intelligence, her ability to use people and tricks to cruelty, cruelty and defiance. His heart was even colder and more emotionless than ice, thinking he was in love but in fact it was very unintentional. Accidentally to the point of crushing the love of his life.

Hopefully, the Top 15 best reverse love stories introduced by ThuThuatPhanMem above will help you have more choices in the upcoming free days. Wish you have moments of fun entertainment.

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