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Thai Tue is a general who rules the world for a year. According to human beliefs, the general is closely related to the 12 zodiac animals. If any age corresponds to the Thai Tue year, it is called the Thai Tue offender. Do not ignore the knowledge related to the zodiac signs Thai Tue 2023 below.

1. What is Thai Tue?

According to human beliefs, Thai Tue is also known as Thai Tue Tinh Quan or Tue Quan. This is a constellation that has a great influence on a person’s luck in the year. He deals with the management of sand – disaster – disaster – happiness through each year of the twelve zodiac animals. It can be said that he is not only a star but also a god in the annual sacrifices.

In feng shui, 60 years – six flowers corresponds to 60 people in turn ruling. Each will have different principles to govern heaven and earth. Therefore, the year of Thai Tue is the manifestation of Thai Tue’s turn to take over the world in that year. A special thing that everyone needs to understand is that this general is not a fierce god. But at the same time is the guardian deity with the most influence. Therefore, each zodiac sign will experience different fluctuations.

The general who ruled the world

If a person’s date of birth is ruled by a constellation, it will be considered a violation of Thai Tue. People think that this is not a good thing. So those people will not be able to do well and their health will not be good in that year.

Particularly for astrology, Tai Sui is called Jupiter and it rotates once every 12 months.

2. What is Pham Thai Tue (Xung Thai Tue)?

Pham Thai Tue is often divided into the age of the impulse and the opposite of the impulse. In which, the pulse year is only in the year of the zodiac; For example, people born in the year of the Tiger meet the year of the Monkey. It can be understood that pulse years are incompatible pairs with each other’s age pairs, such as:

  • Rat – Horse;
  • Ox – Smell;
  • Gradually – Body;
  • Rabbit – Rooster;
  • Dragon – Dog;
  • Snake – Pig.

Thai TueJupiter in the solar system

In addition, in human culture, it is also believed that if you see the Thai Tue star shining on the top of your head, you will not meet happiness. So people are often very wary of things related to this star. Are known. Tai Sui pulses can be divided as follows:

  • Tri Thai Tue: The fortune of the year has many fluctuations, or illness, illness, in the body is tired, easily sad.
  • Chong Thai Tue: The fortune of the year is disturbed and fluctuates greatly, often encountering trifles.
  • Tai Sui: A year that is easy to be harassed by small people but not too uncomfortable or jealous.
  • Breaking Thai Tue: A year of being hindered by a small person, causing a loss of money and wealth.

The term Thai Tue is the same as the age of the planet in Luc Cung. In which, the Tiger Horse is similar, the Dan Than is similar, the Mui Mui is similar, the Mao Dan is similar, the Pig is similar, and the Thin Tuat is similar.

3. The positions of Tai Sui by year

Many people believe that calculating the position of the Thai Tue star can help neutralize bad luck in the year by organizing offerings and sacrifices. The position of this constellation from 2008 to present is as follows:

  • Year of the Rat (2008 and 2020): North direction.
  • Year of the Ox (2009 and 2021): North and Northeast direction.
  • Year of the Tiger (2010 and 2023): East and Northeast direction.
  • Year of the Rabbit (2011 and 2023): East direction.
  • Year of the Dragon (2011 and 2024): East and Southeast.
  • Year of the Snake (2013 and 2025): South and Southeast.
  • Year of the Horse (2014 and 2026): South direction.
  • Year of the Goat (2015 and 2027): South and Southwest directions.
  • Year of the Monkey (2016 and 2028): Southwest direction.
  • Year of the Rooster (2017 and 2029): West direction.
  • Year of the Dog (2018 and 2030): West and Northwest.
  • Year of the Pig (2019 and 2031): North and Northwest direction.

So in the year of 2023, the year of the Rabbit, Thai Tue is located in the East.

4. The zodiac animals of Thai Tue 2023

After knowing the location, continue to learn the Thai Tue zodiac signs in 2023.

4.1. Age of Rat (Thai Tue)

In 2023, people born in the year of the Rat will not face many difficulties at work. However, if you persist in finding out the cause of this, you can neutralize the bad luck. In financial matters, you will have bad luck due to the opponent. This makes it difficult for you to achieve your goals. Particularly in emotional matters, you should avoid ambiguity because it will cause misunderstandings.

Thai TueBirth in year of Mouse

4.2. Age of Tips (Trieu Thai Tue)

People born in the year of the Tip or the year of the Rabbit will find it difficult to achieve their expectations at work in 2023. Financial problems are also not so good, so it is not advisable to invest or do big business. In particular, avoid doing business with family members and friends. As for love, you still haven’t found the right object.

Thai TueAge of the Rabbit

4.3. The Age of the Dragon (Having Tai Sui)

In 2023, the Dragon people will face many difficulties, so do not set your goals too high because it will be difficult to achieve. In addition, fortune is also affected more or less due to bad play by opponents. All the plans that were made fell apart midway. Particularly in matters of love, even though you are peachy, you will still be single.

For couples, conflicts often arise. So you need to find a way to solve the problem to avoid the breakdown. And people who are married should control their emotions so as not to cause wrong actions.

Thai TueDragon Age

4.4. Horse Age (Breaking Thai Tue)

For people born in the year of the Horse in 2023, work will be difficult to develop and often disagree with those around them. Therefore, you should listen patiently, not be conservative with your own views. This will save you trouble and make it easier to figure out how to fix the problem.

Finances this year will not progress. The relationship between husband and wife is also prone to conflict. Not only that, family relationships are often discordant and often quarrel and disagree.

Thai TueBorn in the year of the Horse

4.5. Year of the Rooster (Chung Thai Tue)

This is the year that Rooster people will find it difficult to do business, all jobs are stressful. Not only that, social relationships also become rigid. That makes you have to do it on your own instead of being helped by the gentleman.

Finances have also not progressed and are still easily played by petty people. Love problems are floating, so there are often conflicts and disturbances in the relationship.

Thai TueRoster age

5. Notes and taboos for five-year-old offenders of Thai Tue

For those who won the Thai Tue deadline, you should note the following so as not to face additional difficulties:

  • Do not create more enemies for yourself: Because this year is very difficult and you will be played badly by the villain. Therefore, work and financial problems are quite rough, not prospering no matter what you do. So avoid as many enemies as possible so as not to be “stabbed in the back”.
  • Don’t wear red: Although at the age of five, people often wear red to add luck and avoid gloom. But Thai Tue is not an evil god but a guardian god. Therefore, wearing red is not necessarily a good thing as desired.
  • Not getting married or getting married: It is believed that getting married in the year of the Thai Tue is a bad omen. This can greatly affect your relationship in the future.
  • Avoid going to remote and deserted places: Because these are places of yin and yang. So it’s easy to have a bad influence on you and ruin your luck.
  • Pay attention to your safety: Do not participate in risky activities or actions that easily lead to traffic accidents.
  • Stay positive: No matter what happens, an optimistic mind will help you feel more comfortable. Prolonged depression can lead to bad omens.
  • Using Thai Tue needles: The needles are made of gilded copper, with Thai Tue’s image printed on them. This is considered an item used to welcome the general who guards the earth during the year. At the same time, it is possible to neutralize bad luck for those who are in drought.

Thai TueUsing a needle

6. Instructions on how to solve the term Thai Tue 2023

Having many disadvantages during the year will cause your life to stagnate. Therefore, you can find ways to solve the 2023 Thai Tue term to neutralize your bad luck.

6.1. The tray of offerings to Thai Tue 2023

According to folk beliefs, in order to neutralize the term, it is necessary to present a tray to worship Thai Tue Tinh Quan. The closing ceremony table will include the following items:

  • Horse hats;
  • Thai Tue clothes;
  • Gold Kim Nguyen Bao;
  • Gold money;
  • 3 kinds of meat;
  • Rice;
  • Salt;
  • Fruit tray;
  • 5 vegetarian dumplings;
  • Chicken;
  • Sticky rice;
  • 2 bowls of sweet tea;
  • 5 colors of flowers or daisies;
  • Betel, areca, tea;
  • Cigarette;
  • 1 glass of wine;
  • 1 cup of dry tea;
  • 1 glass of water;
  • 1 glass of salt;
  • 1 cup of rice.

Thai TuePrepare the offering tray

6.2. Full text of Thai Tue 2023

Namo Thirteen, Three Worlds, All Buddhas.

Namo Buddha Shakyamuni Buddha.

Namo Buddha, Heavenly Mother, Holy Mother.

Namo 108 names, 12 unstructured contracts praising Buddha Mother.

Namo Pharmacist Luu Ly Quang Tathagata, the Eastern Lulu Realm and all the Buddhas.

Namo Tantric Master Maitreya Sun Buddha.

Namo Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Ma Ha Bodhisattva.

Namo the Buddhas, the great Bodhisattvas, and the gods.

Worship. (3 times)

Three Stars Chieu Chieu Lenh, Thien Thuong Nhat Nguyet hybrid together, Nam Dau Bac Dau stop Ngu Hanh.

Buddha Hien Linh issued a true order, Ba Quai Patriarch was in middle form, jade only served Thai Tu Nham Dan Nien, Truc Nien Ta Thai Dai General Tinh Quan was unique in testing town, Seven Tinh Ngu Loi protected the two frontiers, Luc Giap divine general. money supply, Luc Dinh Thien soldiers guarding the rear of the army, Thien Cung Tu Phuc Than is a common denomination, and the talent is advanced to protect the dark.

My disciple’s name is: ……………Age:………….. Year of birth:…………

Residing at: ……………………

With one heart, we pay homage to Thai Tue Tinh Quan to protect security, Tran Trach Quang Minh Nhan Ton Kinh, to the family of Van Su Hung, to protect and protect the body and to release town Trach, to be on duty in the coming year of Thai Tue 2023. Such as command-level law. (7 Times)

Thai TueRead prose

6.3. Instructions for resolving according to the types of pulses Thai Tue

Each type of pulse will have a different solution, specifically as follows:

  • Trung Thai Tue: Should go to the temple to pray for peace and wear red. At work, you should be patient and should not do things related to breaking ground.
  • Truc Thai Tue: Avoid going to places of mourning; In case of partying, it is recommended to wear jewelry belonging to the triad. This will help build luck and turn danger into security.
  • Thai Tue: Should put a glass of white water in the East or South direction to help increase fortune. In addition, you should also go to the temple to pray for peace.
  • Chong Thai Tue: Always be calm and rational so as not to be stabbed in the back or taken advantage of by small people. If they are slandered or slandered, they should make appropriate objections.
  • Break Thai Tue: Be careful in everything, do everything discreetly, avoid causing animosity.
  • Limit Thai Tue: Don’t trust people at work. It is recommended to place purple decorations in the South to neutralize bad luck.

Thai TueGo to the temple to pray

7. Summary

What is Thai Tue, why Thai Tue 2023? The standard way of worshiping Thai Tue is one of the things people are most concerned about this year. Hope the above sharing can help people avoid unwanted troubles.

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