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Weather is the ideal topic to start a conversation when you want to flirt with someone. However, not everyone knows how to listen to be charming, impressive and not boring. If you are single guys and girls but don’t know how to find a bear or beat your crush quickly, please refer to the following cool weather stories right away.

I. Stt talks about the short weather

  1. The weather is windy. My heart skips a beat, I love you for the rest of my life.
  2. In the summer, the midday sun is not as hot as your kiss.
  3. Ship me a sunny love. Gentle and deep but full of love.
  4. Spring comes, pink flowers bloom. Happy New Year you will be my husband.
  5. Honey, the warm sun is fading away. Winter to cold wind just need you.
  6. I thought you were our own sunshine. Who would have thought that he was the sun of the whole world.
  7. You are the calm sunshine. It’s all in me.
  8. Blue sky, white clouds. Do you love the sun or do you love me?
  9. In the summer, the sun is hot and burns the skin. Everyone’s side is hot… or my side.
  10. The weather forecast says: Today there is… you!!!
  11. Man, it’s sunny and windy in the sky. Loving you is my whole life.

Man, it's sunny and windy in the sky.  Loving you is my life's story

  1. Winter has come, but I’m not cold, because I have you by my side.
  2. In this cold weather, being able to hug someone makes me so happy.
  3. It’s raining outside… Can you fall into my lap???
  4. The sky is blue and the wind blows non-stop. I’m not careful to love you.
  5. When you call my name, the Storm also softens.
  6. There are many people with me like the sun, only regret that they made people’s sun.
  7. Smile like the sun… but in the heart, it’s early winter.
  8. Sunshine, stretch a little longer, so he can see me.
  9. The wind shakes the bamboo branches. I just want to be the one you love.
  10. Winter is coming and the cold of the weather is not as cold as the cold without you.
  11. One day it was sunny and windy. Two strangers suddenly parted from each other…
  12. The autumn sky is most beautiful at night. The most beautiful love is to add you.
  13. Naturally, I feel lethargic. Who thought he was drunk, who thought he was drunk.
  14. You’re not pretty enough to make me fall in love. But enough sunshine to warm his heart.
  15. My hands are very cold in winter, but I am still willing to warm your hands.
  16. Outside, the wind is cold. It’s sunny here, there’s a house with you.
  17. Colds are caused by the wind. And the strong sunstroke is because of you.
  18. Baby, the cold wind is near. I want to arrange to come back with you.
  19. The afternoon sun also turned yellow. When can we bring her back to the palace?

The afternoon sun also turned yellow.  As long as we can bring her back to the palace

  1. Cold winter. Flimsy clothes. What I want most. It’s your arm.
  2. It’s cold, but I’m sure you don’t feel cold because you’re in my heart.
  3. Thanks to the sun, we can see the rainbow. Thanks to you, I can see the color of happiness.
  4. The weather is nasty these days. Morning sunshine, afternoon rain, evening without you.
  5. Autumn has yellow leaves. My heart has only you.
  6. The last streak of sunshine brings love to the wind. I stood there letting my tears mix with the rain.
  7. Hanoi rains erratically. Do you want to go to bed and hug me?
  8. The weather is contrary to the wind, find people from the opposite world to play games.
  9. It’s pouring rain today. Can I ask if you’re in love or not?
  10. Outside, it’s stormy and rainy. Baba is too tired to come home with me.

II. Stt gossip about funny weather

  1. If you want to eat sour, add vinegar. If you want to stay warm, hug me.
  2. With enough sunshine, flowers will bloom. Enough literature, I will be your husband.
  3. To hold the hand of the person going through the storms of life. Who would have thought that less than half the way was out of breath…
  4. Hanoi is sunny, Saigon is rainy. You guys have a boyfriend, but I don’t.
  5. Leaves come to winter and then fall. My side kept vibrating and vibrating.
  6. I thought it was my own sunshine, but it turned out to be someone else’s sun.
  7. Why is there no thunder and lightning, it’s boring, can’t find a reason to run into your lap.
  8. Angry at the sky, angry at the sun, angry with the rain. I’ve been mad at you for so long, I still don’t like you.

Angry at the sky, angry at the sun, angry with the rain.  I've been mad at you for so long, I still don't like you

  1. The sun has a hat, the rain has an umbrella, Friends have a boyfriend, I don’t have anyone.
  2. God, I hate the rain. I hate purple and don’t like it at all. Oh my god the rain keeps pouring down. But why won’t she “enter” my heart?
  3. He smiled for a moment, flustered. Laugh for another minute, the sun is burning. Why don’t you learn your primer. Smile a lot, I’ll handcuff you!
  4. Yellow sun mixed with sweat. That guy’s armpits make me sad.
  5. Run away from the rain. Smart to love even stupid.
  6. You can’t turn summer into winter. But I can make you my pilot.

III. Stt let’s hear about the great weather

  1. Blue sky white clouds, Sun rays yellow. This heart is empty, Do you want to come in?
  2. Liked you since Xuan Ha. Love until Autumn and Winter. There is a small question. Do you like me?
  3. It’s windy today, Drop your sadness into the clouds. Fly away with the wind. Don’t go back here.
  4. Blue sky, white clouds, yellow sun, Can you kiss her cheek?
  5. It’s just too hot in the summer. God bless the raindrops. Followed him for so long. Did you like me?
  6. Baby, I told you this. The other autumn has ended, and the day of winter is coming. The wind was cold all the time. Give him a hand to hold peace for a lifetime.

The other autumn has ended, and the day of winter is coming.  The wind was cold all the time.  Give me your hand to hold peace for a lifetime

  1. I’m like the first rain. You are the midday sun. Let’s be next to each other. Let your heart be filled with cicadas.
  2. Man, summer has come. The sun is shining in the blue sky. But I’m not sunstroke. How are you drunk?
  3. Rainbow needs the rain to appear, I need you to represent the heart.
  4. Clouds are forever in love with the wind. I have only you for the rest of my life.
  5. It’s raining heavily today. It’s still stormy. I suddenly wanted to write poetry. Send it to someone you miss.
  6. It’s too cloudy today, because the sun is hiding in my eyes.
  7. It’s raining outside… can I fall into your lap???
  8. This is the guy I like. Winter is also coming. If your heart is empty. Can you warm me up?
  9. It’s sunny outside, and it’s raining again. My heart is worried, Do you like anyone?
  10. His smile is like the sun, Makes this heart bewildered. Why did you speak, But I was indifferent.
  11. You are the cloud, the wind. I am the green grass. I look at the wide sky, And you look at me.
  12. When it’s cold, eat hot pot. When it’s hot, eat ice cream. Why is your nick still bright. Without texting me.
  13. We haven’t gotten used to it yet. Why did you rush to pour the yeast of love? No rain, no sunshine. Why is there a rainbow in my heart?
  14. It’s not sunny today, It’s not raining today. Man, what are you laughing at? Do you have a lover?
  15. I want to turn off the sun, so that the color does not fade. I want to tie you up, make you mine.
  16. Summer is the season to prove true love, not all hugs are warm and happy.
  17. It’s cold in Hanoi, you know? Please send me some sunshine. Wrap your love in it. Warm your heart in the middle of winter.
  18. It’s quiet outside, Suddenly pouring rain. I smile as bright as the sun, Have you fallen for me?
  19. Weather doesn’t matter. It’s sunny and rainy day. No one is important. More to you than me.
  20. Today it’s sunny and gentle, Or let’s just gently love each other.

Today is sunny and gentle, Or should we just gently love each other

  1. Sunny smile, sweet eyes. If your heart is absent, take me in!
  2. Like you when summer comes. It’s almost winter now. This is the person I love dearly. Do you like me?
  3. That sun makes my cheeks rosy, So will you be my husband?
  4. The sun is busy hiding, the rain is busy falling fast. It’s busy getting cold, I’m busy waiting for you.
  5. My life is only black and white. Paint one more sunny color… that’s me!!!
  6. How many summers together, how many winters together, I still don’t know: “What are we to each other?
  7. Baby, I tell you this, that autumn is over, the day of winter will come. The wind is cold for a long time, Take my hand to hold the peace for a lifetime.
  8. You don’t have to stop raining to see a rainbow. It is not true to have a lover.
  9. Rain or shine is a matter of heaven. Relationship is about me loving her.
  10. The Central Highlands is still the same, It is sunny and less cloudy. Tomorrow you are no longer here, My love is still full.
  11. I wish I could be the sunshine, to spread myself over you every summer afternoon.
  12. Blue sky with white clouds. Sun streaks hugging tree branches. And here in my heart. Still hug full of love.
  13. I like the galaxy full of stars. I love the sunny sky. But I want to be near you. Because with you there is the whole sky.
  14. Da Nang is sunny and windy. Do you live there? I am struggling. Because I always miss you.

IV. Good news about the weather

  1. The winter wind is gentle, Glide through the branches. The sun there has gone out, I’m still waiting here.
  2. If we can’t get married in the summer, we’ll get married in the winter. If we can’t get married when we’re young, we’ll get married when we’re widowed in old age.
  3. Sometimes I don’t want to say much, just keep it in my heart like the summer sun.
  4. Weather forecasts are sometimes wrong. But who you love, I’m sure you already know.
  5. After the rain, the sun shines bright yellow everywhere. But on the inside, it was still raining heavily.
  6. I send love letters in the sun. People say that people like rain.
  7. I took away the white of the sun. I bring back the sadness of the rain. Hold my hand and walk on the empty road. The past comes back to wonder if it’s enough?
  8. It’s winter, why is it so cold? While I was still lacking, the warmth of a shoulder.

It's winter, why is it so cold

  1. For those who are alone like me, who are forgotten and abandoned by love somewhere… then winter is a long obsession.
  2. It’s a sad Sunday, isn’t it, not chattering and laughing. People walk on the street, I sit and watch the day go by…
  3. When it’s sad, the sky cries, so the raindrops fall. I’m sad even if I cry, brother or sister.
  4. Rain wets the eyes of the beholder, wets the heart of the lover.
  5. I remember a girl named Lap Ha, she came to me in summer and away from me in winter.
  6. It’s cold…my heart is cold too. Amidst the solitude… I stagger in the memory of you!
  7. Seasons may change from Winter to Spring, but my love for you will continue when the world ends.
  8. Is it sunny where you are? It’s still raining where I am. Who do you love? And I still haven’t.
  9. In the depths of winter, I finally understood that there was eternal summer within me.
  10. This winter is so cold!!! Cold outside, cold inside.
  11. That’s how my heart is, without a storm, it rains, not a sunny day. Human love, fateless fate, where to find a peaceful life.
  12. Clouds of the sky are used to block the sun. My smile is used to cover my sadness.
  13. The sun is no more. So it rained. I don’t wait anymore. So let go.
  14. Everywhere is bright, inside is dark. I like everything, I just don’t like you.
  15. I want to hold you all winter because you are warmer than summer. You can turn a cloudy day in my life into a sunny day.
  16. I’ve been waiting since summer. Wait for all the gold collection. Waiting for winter to shed leaves. But he didn’t stop by,

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