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When talking about enjoying tea, people often refer to poems bearing bold philosophies of human life from ancient times to the present. There are many good poems about tea, they have a long history from time immemorial, even poets have to write a couple of sentences about enjoying tea as a souvenir.

Poetry about Tea is famous in Vietnam

1. Selling Da Tam Doi Tuu, Dawn No. It’s like trying. Unusual healer– Le Huu Trac

2. When the incense is early at noon tea, the table is decorated with sugar and silk paintings– Nguyen Du

3. Han night tea drinker, Truc Lo Thang, Hoa Hong Hoa (Cold night, guests come to tea instead of wine The stove is boiling hot water)– Do Loi

4. Saying goodbye to someone who walks a long way Smiling mouth gives a pot of tea to each other– Vien Chieu

5. When the tea specializes in five or three cups when Kieu says a couple of sentences– Nguyen Khuyen

When tea specializes in five or three cups when Kieu utters a couple of sentences

6. Drinking tea in the morning sun Garden of the heart is full of flower scent– Vien Ngo

7. The morning dew is full of tea smoke. Cold wind caresses the flower. Gently lifts the pen. Listen to the sound of the heart– Tue Sy

8. Han night tea drinker, Truc Lo Thang, Hoa Hong Hoa (Cold night, guests visit tea instead of wine The stove boils the fire)– Do Loi

The village is like a dream in the past. Can’t stop, rest in peace. When will the mountain grass and clouds make tea with spring water, the pillow is drunk with soft stone– Nguyen Trai

9. Lightly raise a cup of tea Meditation Peace of mind watching the smoke of sorrow fly away Life is a drunken dream One hundred years of looking back… New or… Impermanent!– Thien Hung

10. Every morning, make a teapot. Joy comes to the house. The four seasons are packed. Send to people far away.– Pham Thuan Thanh

Perfume of the four seasons wrapped up Sending people far away

11. The aroma of tea has not been exhausted, the cup of han on the boat has let go to the sound of the waves, Watching the clouds gather over the sea, the steeple of the ancient citadel at sunset– Quach Tan

12. Craving for a sip of tea for a long time Waiting for a soulmate in a faraway place The taste of that country’s tea is still quiet No matter how many spring flavors do not fade– Sign Up

13. Picking up a little scent of silence. Brewing a cup of wu vi tea Together with fragrant poetry, inviting old friends– Mai Quang

14. To drink fragrant tea by the cypress tree. Wash dishes daily in the fairy stream.– Thai Ba Tan

15. Take a sip of fragrant tea with a golden moon falling to the bottom of the tilted glass– Dang Phuong Mai

16. Fragrant, fragrant, fragrant from the hand Any scent of the earth, of the tree, of the great-grandson in the wind, sun, and rain Passing through the red fire for a lifetime– Nguyen Ba Thang

Lost in the wind, sun, and rain. Going through the red fire for a lifetime together

16. All hands fanning the fire to make early tea Together with a cup of fragrant tea to welcome the sun…– Thien Anh

17. Fresh tea poured with golden apricots Sometimes happiness is so simple– Nguyen Duy

18. Choose the scent of tea as a scarf. Love someone who smells good for life– Nguyen Duc Hanh

19. The wallet does not match from green hair Where it is easy to have a lingering scent to a silver head. Hundred years old tea-goers stay in the mist to last a long time.– Hoang Nang Trong

20. Raise a cup of scented tea with me When a new day dawns with smoke and mist One hour short of autumn One hour of joy and happiness on the banks of a fairy– Ca Mau Melaleuca

Hundred years of autumn, one hour short, Happy and happy on the banks of the fairy

21. The cup of tea in both hands is full of mindfulness. Body and mind dwell Now and here– Poetry of Zen Tea

22. Swallowing boiling water for a long time. Tea is broken. Can’t change Xinjiang’s accent– Phung Cung

23. You are like a small tea bud. I bring firewood and incense from the East to spread white dew By your side, lost in the road– Duong Dang

24. Simple leaf house Open heart Half-cooked rice bowl Green tea bowl Happy sitting and telling each other’s love stories– Hoang Trung Thong

25. Tea bud is picking three leaves Dew drops creaking through the door but fading Poetry sitting all day can’t come out I have filled the kettle with mixed water– Yen Lan

Poetry sitting all day does not come out I have filled the kettle with mixed water

26. Try again to love the customer who loves to drink tea. (Summer is back, make tea to invite guests to drink The rain is finished, call the children to repair the orchid pot)– Senior Lieutenant General Tran Quang Khai

27. Ever under the mountain when the state made a stone pillow to make tea and sleep soundly.– Nguyen Trai

28. Leisurely ask the fire to make a new tea, Enjoying as pine looking at it, Suddenly thinking of retirement, hidden pleasure, A need for a story of a past life.– Cao Ba Quat

29. “Early a week in the morning tea Soup a few cups of wine A day every day The doctor is away from my house.”– Nguyen Tuan

30. After the night of the affliction, the teacups are soon gone. We sit with us on the porch outside with a few drops of satanic dew on the blue buds and the morning sun.– Tran Ngoc Tuan

Poetry is good to enjoy Tea

Poetry is good to enjoy Tea

1. The four sides are quiet in the afternoon. Enjoy a cup of fragrant tea at the end of the day. A rose branch sways and sways Meditation scene with a gentle breeze blowing in the breeze Tonight by the teapot of Long Tinh Ngan full of autumn fragrance Nguyet Que Flowers Drinking a cup of fragrant tea in silence, The scent of heaven and earth radiates our hearts.– Thuc Van

2. The night is clean and warm to make tea. We are alone and we are together. Young people pour their hearts into their hearts. Tilt the cup with the shimmer of the moon and ivory– Nameless

3. Brewed tea is still waiting for a soulmate, a poetic village guest Perfume, manly scent, dispelling the customary domain of ecstasy, as if coming to a dream stream

Guests have come and come by my side Smiling elegantly with pomp and fun, forgetting even the moon shines on the door The world revolves around a teapot– Nameless

4. A cup of tea in early autumn. Silver clouds and sky, smoky river. In the house, there is a faint aroma of fragrant tea. Flaming fire in the warm oven Lifting a cup of unusually beautiful love tea

A sip of tea wakes up the whole body, The friend next to the chrysanthemum pot opens his lips, Drops in amber as beautiful as jade, The smoke on the cup invites

Suddenly I see a year that I can’t see far away, The tea maid is at the side of the court with her old father, The person who is happy overseas in early autumn Raises a cup of tea and misses home…

Sip a cup of tea mixed with the moon’s light Floating as if you’re in the palace of Hang Kim Ngan, fragrant with a sweet scent, Drunk with tea, the moon does not speak– Le Ngoc Ho

5. Guest Tea Picking up a little scent of silence. Brewing a cup of wu wi tea Together with fragrant poetry, inviting old friends A light cup of tea gives off a scent

We are alone… The streets are quiet. The scent of tea brings the path of the fairy soul according to the color of the water into the romantic region…– Nameless

The scent of tea brings the way to the fairyland according to the color of the water into the romantic region

6. Missing tea … Craving for a sip of tea for a long time Waiting for a confidant in a faraway place The taste of tea in that land is still quiet No matter how many spring flavors …– Nameless

7. Impermanent Tea Raise your hand to pick up a cup of tea, Take a sip of the rich scent. This night, my heart is troubled. So I stay up all night to miss someone.

The four sides are now fast asleep. Tea here has also changed the second water. Take care of where to overflow the glass Raise your hand to sip a drop of sorrow. The end of tonight, the whole first night. It’s also a whole night of remembrance. Smiling with a bright smile Sad for the age of 20 secretly in love. Warm the cup of water you’re holding. Lift up, drink, and then take care of it. A sleepless night, very thin Love, very sad for my fate. One night for a love love so much my fate is sad.– Nameless

8. A tea, a wine, a woman Three promiscuous, it disturbs us.– Bone Cell

9. I make a pot of love tea Pour out two cups for myself and me The tea is fragrant with flowers But why still feels cold in my heart– Nameless

10. Small shop has never waited. Know who is wine, know who poetry. Passers-by have no shortage of proverbs, Others have a surplus of dreams.

Come on in, I’ll tell you something simple and pompous The muse if you go through the door Please come in and have a good time– Nameless

The muse if you go through the door Please come in and have a good time

11. The water shop has an old shadow. Where do you ask for silk velvet, you don’t ask for flowers The tea scent entwines people in the early hours of the night, just a glimpse is also rich.– Nameless

12. High class tea has high class guests Drinking high class tea is a high class guest There are always guests having tea in rotation Tea with luu tiu guests all day– Nameless

13. Afternoon drinking tea, remembering your soul mate Good hands open the garden of your heart Van flowers flutter their wings in the afternoon We sit and watch the homesick landscape. Secret words fall into a cup of charming tea– Flower of the Water King

14. Drink Spring Tea With Wife Spring morning, make a pot of tea, One husband, one wife, be leisurely, enjoy together. The scent of tea floats up in the air, Fragrant like a lotus blooming in the cup of spring!

Clicking my lips, lightly sniffing the honeysuckle, I feel like I can drink the rhyming clouds, the wind rings How much trouble flies. Clear and refreshing spirit returns.

I think why I feel intoxicated, This tea brings the whole country love, The taste of tea is soaked with the moon and stars, The scent of tea gathers sunshine, peaches, thunderstorms…

My dear, please have a cup of my heart, With me, we drink a lot of heaven and earth…– Vu Dinh Phan

15. Life And Tea The night is sad, don’t know what to do. Well, enjoy, sip some tea. The boiling water of the new tea is rich and delicious Drinking tea will know the taste of tea. Drink the best tea in the first cup. The first cup is acrid, bitter at the top of the lips. Unaccustomed, difficult to drink, how to drink gradually, suddenly feel sweet and delicious Drinking tea is most embarrassing to empty the bottle. The bottle is empty like when our love is not finished Running out of water to fill up again, but the rich taste also fades quickly The other tea is pale, But with a few more leaves, the color is darker. Tea has the bitter taste of life, there are philosophies of life in it. Drink tea to understand yourself. Drink into your life experience…– Anna Kachiusa

Drink tea to understand yourself Drink how to experience your life

16. I drink tea Enjoy the tea I drink to taste I sit and watch my heart longing for you to be so beautiful and sweet A sweet and passionate fairy Sweet tea, you are like an ivory pearl Charming scent is like a dream Poetry In the mist You let me know that I’m in a daze Drinking tea you drink my soul My heart longs to refresh my heart Want to make a silent tea drop Let you sip soft lips– Tran Minh Hien

17. Sitting and Drinking Tea Sitting and drinking tea at night, not feeling drunk The love of thousands of lives in this realm Midnight wandering in a dream Suddenly falling cold and lucky

Sitting and drinking tea late at night thinking of someone This love swings fate Alone wandering late at night Who’s figure is far away– Bounthanh Sirimoungkhoune

18. The Ancient Way In the morning, eat bean porridge and drink ginger tea. Lunch with fish, rice, and tomatoes In the afternoon, add mushroom soup and spinach In the evening, drink honey and yellow turmeric…!!!– Tan An

19. 1242 – Super Dao Meet you here to drink green tea with thousands of fragrances to marinate my soul Immense heaven and earth reach super Dao What happiness is better than me and me?!– Nguyen Van Thai

20. A Simple Day With Troubles Worries Together Relaxed. Drinking tea alone Don’t wait. Drinking tea alone Contemplating the future. Premonition is always foolish! Premonition is always half-hearted. One Day Walk a part of a century Look back. Memories are blue patches. Memories The smell of gunpowder is pungent… Memories Are a fever of hair loss. Memory is pain. Love goes through the Wind Blows. A day of false worries. Lonely. One Day Journey Behind Ahead. The Lonely Journey recurs. A Day of Multiplying Creativity. One day Let the sun burn. Songs always hide dreams. A day. Waiting face. Far away from enchanting glances One day. I write on paper. Then where are your footsteps in a hurry?– Thai Thang Long

In this article, Software Tips has sent you the best poems about Tea that you can both enjoy and recite. Have a nice day!

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